WBKM Live from Robot Dog with Tim Lewis Volume Three 2019

Several songs on my album were actually recordings made during these sessions at Robot Dog Studio, courtesy of Tim Lewis, WBKM, and Ryan Cohen and Sam Marks of Robot Dog (many thanks again to all).  One of these songs, “The Last Coral Left Alive”, is now included in a new compilation of songs (and interview snippets) from the series available to stream or download for free! This is the third season edition and includes a wonderful cross-section of Burlington’s diverse music scene:

Season three includes performances by Ver Sacrum, Troy Millette, Happy Spangler, Jesse Taylor Band (though solo), Radio Underground, Jeremy Gilchrist, Smokestack Lightning, Jessica Rabbit Syndrome, Cricket Blue, Green Chapel, Late Night (Peter Danforth, Annie Costa, Chanon Geoff Bernstein), The Steph Pappas Experience, Jason Baker, Blowtorch, Bethany Conner, Dirty Blondes, Clare Byrne, Sad Turtle, The Red Newts, Wolfhand, Comrade Nixon, Community Garden, Matthew Mercury, Andriana Chobot and Josh Glass.

Songs for Social Change 2019 CD is out!

I was pretty excited to find out that my song “something that’s never been done before” was a finalist and “runner-up” in the Renaissance Artists’ and Writers’ Association (RAWA) Songs for Social Change Songwriting Competition for the year 2019!

Now there is a CD compilation of songs contributed by the winner and the runners-up and you can purchase it online for $10:


If you are a fan of social justice music, consider purchasing this CD!

Stream “something that’s never been done before” online free:


Music They Don’t Want You to Hear​

Many thanks to Ron Cooke of A Still Small Voice​ for including my song “Right or Wrong” in his radio program “Music They Don’t Want You to Hear​” back on January 12th of this year.

Check out the placement of my song in the middle of this set: (!)

Joan Baez | Blowin In The Wind | From Every Stage Live ​
Tommy Sands | The Answer Is Not Blowing In The Wind | Fair Play To You All ​
Jason Baker | Right Or Wrong | Common Man Blues ​
Joan Baez | Diamonds And Rust | Rare Live And Classic​
Joan Baez | Battle Hymn Of The Republic | A Continuing Debut ​

You can hear the show Archived at https://www.mixcloud.com/assv4u/

Or listen to the song here:

Review of America Dreams in Issues Magazine #26

I am pleased to announce a review of my album America Dreams has been published in Issues Magazine #26.

Here is the text of the review:

This is a traditional folk album with a slightly jaunty twist in the music.

The lyrics are political and generally left wing. They lend to be long-form slow-motion tirades against greed, apathy and injustice.

Jason sings well. He hits the pitch correctly and on time.

The approach is ironically quite conservative, but then again, folk music is all about tradition so that makes sense.

The songs have a bouncy rhythm. They’re made up exclusively of voice and acoustic guitar.

If you like folk check it out.

Download Issues Magazine #26

Thanks to Issues Magazine for the review!

Gig Updates: El Toro and Radio Bean

El Toro Sat Feb 23 2019 7 PM

I played El Toro in Morrisville, Vermont for the first time in a while… they had stopped having live music for a short period of time.

I guess they have some new staff to go along with the renewed commitment to live music, as there were some changes:

  • The staff was welcoming, polite, informative and accommodating when I arrived to eat  early and set up. Not that anyone was impolite the last time, just not attentive in this way.
  • No amplification was desired this time: if you play here, be prepared to project your voice.
  • More tips than the first gig. This time I left with $18. Thanks to all the generous patrons!

Thanks to El Toro for having live, acoustic music again! I look forward to a return engagement on April 13th.

Radio Bean Thu Mar 7 2019 7 PM

I played what has become a regular gig for me: Radio Bean in Burlington, Vermont.

The crowd was a bit thin at the start, but came in from the cold in small bursts of cold air from the door (the stage is RIGHT next to the door). Mostly plowed through the album, skipping the slower numbers, and got some of the expected laughs at the lyrics, and applause at the end of each number.

By the end, I was feeling looser, had time, and took time to dedicate my song “Together” to the Progressive Party candidates who won election that week, and to the defeat of a ballot item to privatize a large part of downtown in that same vote. That caught some ears, I guess, and the F-bomb in the beginning of the song got a BIG laugh, and I am pretty sure this guy with dreads dropped a $10 bill in the donation bowl right then! Since I made $11 that night, it was greatly appreciated!

Radio Bean is my local neighborhood coffeehouse, and I am grateful to them for letting me play there every month. I will be playing the second Thursday of the month for the next three months! Next show: April 11th at 7 PM!


This coming week I will be at Gusto’s Bar in Barre, Vermont again Thursday, March 28, 2019 at 5 PM – 7 PM!


America Dreams

This was announced in other ways, but with this being my new artist blog…

Let’s make it official:


Jason Baker, a Burlington, Vermont-based songwriter, has released a debut solo album entitled America Dreams.

Jason describes his debut album as “Original Folk-Roots Americana”. “Based in traditional Folk styles and a general respect for the roots of American music, I write songs influenced by the deep roots of old-time and acoustic music, but fully modern in lyrical perspective”, said Baker.

The album contains 22 songs and runs an hour and ten minutes. “I believe in giving people value for their money anyway,” the songwriter jokes, “this way if anyone ever does buy a download, they get their money’s worth for sure. 22 songs for 10 bucks!”

Joking aside, the album is intended to make a statement about the current state of the world. “I wrote a lot of songs about a lot of things in the last year and a half, but noticed a group of songs that had topical, political, or existential content that seemed to add up to an assessment and cultural critique of modern America.” continued Baker. “I decided to sequence them in the order written, and it shows both a progression of lyrical concerns and musical and production styles.”

As for the commercial prospects of an album of topical songs, Baker takes a broader view. “It’s my hope that people will like and share the music, online of course, but also in person. I want people to cover and sing these songs. That would be success to me, if the songs get a life of their own.”

America Dreams is available online at all major streaming services and here!


Thanks for reading my press release for my debut solo album! Please have a free listen!

Wednesday Worktape #11

Newly recorded and uploaded, to be included on my digital album release.

Did this a little differently, using “looped” guitar sections and adding harmony vocals as the song progresses. Lyrics below.

Back to fix what you broke Been fucking up ain’t no joke

In a few short years what we built has been compromised at full tilt

Had a chance to do right but you sold out in the night

Sold off to the high bidder without a chance to consider

Words occur in the brain but to tell you them is in vain

Cause you don’t hear us at all it’s like talking to a stone wall

What else is there to say it could go like this all day

Seems to be no damn end to the things you do to offend

Don’t think much about you til you force us with what you do

Wasting time we ain’t got just to foil you fiends and your plot

We will fight for the right to live our lives in the light

Push too hard and you’ll find that we push back right in kind

Together, we can push together, if we can pull together, then we can come together

Don’t think you understand just what you showed in your hand

No one likes what you did and we all see what you hid

Time moves on and so you should move on too I said you

Get out now on your own or get thrown out of our home

We will choose what we want and we reject what we don’t

Push too hard and you’ll find that we push back right in kind

Together, we can push together, if we can pull together, then we can come together

Together, we can push together, if we can pull together, then we can come together

Together, we can push together, if we can pull together, then we can come together

Push too hard and you’ll find that we push back right in kind


Saturday Song Prompt #10

Get topical

Write a song that expresses your political, philosophical or moral viewpoint regarding topical events. It can be a “protest” song, or simply a song of observation or storytelling that provides insight into how current events are affecting people, and perhaps point towards a solution or two. Feel free to share links to results in the comments.