A Song for the Holidays

Now that it really is the Holiday Season, it’s time to announce my Holiday single, “Christmastime Blues” is available for free streaming (and can be purchased as a download)!

This song received “Honorable Mention” in the Nov/Dec American Songwriter Magazine Lyric Contest.

November/December 2019 Lyric Contest Winners

And was also featured in the December issue of “Write Away” Magazine on pages 34 and 35:


WARNING: this song is not a traditional Christmas song, and may be considered irreverent by some, to say the least.

This song is also available on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, iHeart Radio, Deezer, and more!

Christmastime Blues live!

I recently played the Ripton Community Coffeehouse open mic and debuted this song I just “officially” released on my website for streaming, and thanks to the local community television station, have video of the performance to share. Full version with intro here. See my YouTube channel while you are there for a version without the talking, and other performance videos!


Christmastime Blues

While I am engaged in the end of year work of recording songs written since September and organizing, uploading etc… I decided to record one of the more recent songs first and share it online.

That’s because it’s a Christmas song! So here’s my Christmas gift to all!

Merry Christmas to all!

This song was written in response to a fairly standard prompt for a songwriter’s monthly workshop:

“December Prompt: Winter Season/Holiday song.”

I had no intention of writing a Christmas song, but hearing a number of artists do rootsy covers, this riff suddenly suggested the first lines… a rare instance of the music coming first for me, although this is really different in that the music idea and lyrics developed together in real time. This is probably because as a blues, a structure for the song and direction for the melody is already there. Other songs I have written with music first have usually come with melody, harmonic structure, tempo, etc.. all worked out. This is also the case with a number of co-written songs.

So this just occurred to me on the spot, which is atypical of my process. The subject matter does express something I have always wondered about Christmas: if everyone knew at birth this baby was so special, did they also know how it would end for him? How would he feel about that? I figure you can’t talk about Christmas, the beginning of the life of Jesus, without the context of the end, so why not open that up? The song is intended to be empathetic.