WBKM Live from Robot Dog with Tim Lewis Volume Three 2019

Several songs on my album were actually recordings made during these sessions at Robot Dog Studio, courtesy of Tim Lewis, WBKM, and Ryan Cohen and Sam Marks of Robot Dog (many thanks again to all).  One of these songs, “The Last Coral Left Alive”, is now included in a new compilation of songs (and interview snippets) from the series available to stream or download for free! This is the third season edition and includes a wonderful cross-section of Burlington’s diverse music scene:

Season three includes performances by Ver Sacrum, Troy Millette, Happy Spangler, Jesse Taylor Band (though solo), Radio Underground, Jeremy Gilchrist, Smokestack Lightning, Jessica Rabbit Syndrome, Cricket Blue, Green Chapel, Late Night (Peter Danforth, Annie Costa, Chanon Geoff Bernstein), The Steph Pappas Experience, Jason Baker, Blowtorch, Bethany Conner, Dirty Blondes, Clare Byrne, Sad Turtle, The Red Newts, Wolfhand, Comrade Nixon, Community Garden, Matthew Mercury, Andriana Chobot and Josh Glass.

New, New SongwriterTribe Blues


This is the first post on this blog in a while. A long while.

Here’s the deal:

  • A daily blog post may not have been the best plan.
  • I need to promote my songwriting through my work as a solo performing and recording artist.
  • I would like my songwriting activities to be integrated into that work.


  • I am restarting this blog as best I can.
  • I will post randomly.
  • Topics will not be defined by a schedule any more, but some items from the previous format will be kept.

This blog will be “connected” to my ReverbNation profile, and will be cross posted there, with links showing up on my Facebook artist page.

This will be BOTH my official artist blog, and a songwriting blog. Many of the songs I write don’t fit my current “branding”, and I hope to promote my songwriting work as well.

To that end, today’s link is to my SoundCloud account, where you will not only find all the songs on my album America Dreams, but also songs from over a year of songwriting that were good enough to make a work tape.

O Solo Mio

  • I am back to try and post regularly on this blog, if I can. We will see how it goes.
  • My musical duo is officially no more, dissolved to preserve a friendship.
  • I am now a “solo artist” so check out my web page dammit: jbakervt.com
  • I will be discussing my branding and focus in this blog as well as songwriting techniques.
  • I had to trash a bunch of “Sunday Song” posts since they linked to the old duo’s songs.
  • I may or may not follow the format I have established for a weekly schedule.

Links and such for my new solo work:




Go back and finish, dammit…

So, I guess I took two weeks off from blogging without saying anything. (This post is backdated).

In the middle there, I did do a “song-a-day” challenge which I will mention in another backdated post to appear shortly after this one. There is a lot to catch up on, and I intend to do so.

One may very well ask why do a bunch of backdated posts? Why not just pick up where you are and move on?

For one thing, there is a beauty in something complete, so, like a song that is interrupted in mid-performance, any body of work, including a blog that is meant to document the process of songwriting, can and should be “picked up from where we left off”.

That is one of the things that doing a “song-a-day” challenge teaches you as well: finish it, whatever it is.

So, that is the thought for Thursday: Go back and finish, dammit…


What is SongwriterTribe?

Hello and welcome.

About a year ago, I started a journey of personal expression. I have been a life-long musician, but while I composed music for bands I was in when I was young, the few attempts at writing complete songs with lyrics were pretty awful. So awful, I avoided any further attempts for a very long time.

A couple of years ago, I made some attempts to write songs, but did not put much time in, and after two years had four songs. So about a year ago I decided to make a more concerted effort at focusing on songwriting as a practical skill. There were a number of things influencing this, and those will be the subject of some future posts.

So last January, I reviewed the songs I had, decided to revise two and put two “away”, and moved forward with songwriting exercises. What had been a nearly impossible and seemingly daunting task became more and more “doable”. In the coming week, I will be doing some “organizing” and will have a count of songs written this year.

One aspect of songwriting that has become clear over the course of the year: songwriters are a special kind of person and it’s beneficial to connect with other songwriters because of this.

So, I spent a year “woodshedding”, but now it’s time to step out and share what I learned, what I have accomplished, and what I am doing, and hopefully songwriters out there will find it interesting and useful, and feel inspired to write songs (and comment, and share the blog, etc..).

If you want to check out some of my music see these sites:

My ReverbNation Profile:


Or check out some of my work recordings along with officially released songs on SoundClound: