What is SongwriterTribe?

Hello and welcome.

About a year ago, I started a journey of personal expression. I have been a life-long musician, but while I composed music for bands I was in when I was young, the few attempts at writing complete songs with lyrics were pretty awful. So awful, I avoided any further attempts for a very long time.

A couple of years ago, I made some attempts to write songs, but did not put much time in, and after two years had four songs. So about a year ago I decided to make a more concerted effort at focusing on songwriting as a practical skill. There were a number of things influencing this, and those will be the subject of some future posts.

So last January, I reviewed the songs I had, decided to revise two and put two “away”, and moved forward with songwriting exercises. What had been a nearly impossible and seemingly daunting task became more and more “doable”. In the coming week, I will be doing some “organizing” and will have a count of songs written this year.

One aspect of songwriting that has become clear over the course of the year: songwriters are a special kind of person and it’s beneficial to connect with other songwriters because of this.

So, I spent a year “woodshedding”, but now it’s time to step out and share what I learned, what I have accomplished, and what I am doing, and hopefully songwriters out there will find it interesting and useful, and feel inspired to write songs (and comment, and share the blog, etc..).

If you want to check out some of my music see these sites:

My ReverbNation Profile:


Or check out some of my work recordings along with officially released songs on SoundClound:

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